Entrepreneur book: Sofya, from Parisian influencer to fashion designer!

Franco-Moroccan designer based in Paris, Sofya mixes Parisian and Mediterranean inspirations in her looks and for her brand BAHAAR. She tells us about her journey and her vision as a fashion designer:

A Parisian fashion enthusiast

At a very young age, I became passionate about fashion. I remember that I loved borrowing clothes and accessories from my mom and my big sisters to organize fashion shows at home.

 Fashion has been a tool for me to assert myself, find my uniqueness and feel good about myself.


Parisian fashion designer


Architecture, Parisian fashion

During my graduate studies in architecture in Paris, I had the opportunity to do an exchange in Milan. Having evolved in these two world fashion capitals, it was therefore natural that I would be attracted to the fashion profession, which is how I started my blog in 2012.


Parisian fashion designer

From architecture to fashion, this allows you to have a more structured vision of clothing and to get to the essentials when it comes to trends. Architecture and fashion have a lot in common. First, the search for Beauty of course but also the functional dimension which is just as important. Both disciplines require great rigor to achieve impeccable results. My architectural studies allowed me to acquire all the technical and artistic tools (use of drawing software, research of trends, project monitoring, etc.), to imagine and realize the BAHAAR style.


One day, while I was on a weekend by the sea, in Deauville in France with my sisters. It was gray, it started to rain very hard.

We felt a real nostalgia for the Mediterranean warmth, having spent all our holidays as children on the shores of the Mediterranean. I then had the desire to create a “resort” brand that is inspired by the warm and refined world of Mediterranean destinations.


Parisian fashion designer


Natural materials and pastel tones: the BAHAAR signature

I have a real addiction to linen because I love its natural, almost raw appearance, while still being very chic. It is perfect for all seasons.

I also like silky materials for the Glamor side, but with very basic cuts for a feminine but not “overdressed” side.

Parisian fashion designer


We also produce timeless, basic items that fans of the brand can find in each collection.

    Our BAHAAR collections are designed in Paris and produced in limited editions and small series to offer customers rare pieces that will allow them to stand out with a unique style and which offer them pieces with extra soul.

    Parisian fashion designer

    All our looks on www.bahaarofficial.com


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