Carnet de voyage: from Paris to Fez, a journey in time

Travel card: Fez, a journey in time

Bahaar is inspired by travel, traditional sewing, crafts and Mediterranean architecture that are appreciated and recognized around the world.

We invite you to discover this city because Sofya, creator of the fashion brand BAHAAR was born in this magical city before flying to Paris for her studies.

Only 2h30 from Paris, the city of FEZ is an enchanting destination

City of culture

Fez is the spiritual capital of the country, partly because it houses one of the first universities in history, several religious schools, including the medersa Bou Inania, dating from the 14th century, and many mausoleums.

Its medina, called Fez-el-Bali (which means Fez the old one), is one of the most impressive in Morocco and the Arab-Muslim world.

Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Fez remains rather well preserved, although it dates from the 8th century! It has remained authentic both at the level of its historical monuments and riads, as well as in the traditions, traditions and customs of its people.


Travel fez style

You should know that you do not get there by car, because the streets are very narrow, even the goods are carried on donkeys through the winding streets!

The organisation of the medina, large and dense, is still divided into zones corresponding to trades or guilds: Tanneries, artisans of copper sellers of spices etc who gave their names to the historic districts of the medina.

For us Fez does not offer that a trip in another geography, she promises a real journey in time!


Among the key places to visit:

  • The Merdersa Bou Inania, which demonstrates the beauty and know-how of the craftsmen of Fez:Stuc, calligraphy, zelliges. The work of plaster, wood, copper is an incredible refinement.
  • -Al Qaraouiyin mosque
  • -Al Attarine medersa
  • -the picturesque Tanneries Chouara, the oldest of the medina
  • -Mérinides Tomb
  • -Dar Batha (museum of crafts in a palace of the old town).
  • -Not far from the medina, we advise you to walk in the Jnan Sbil garden where the shadow of the beautiful trees will protect you from the heat of Fez in summer.

Travel fez style

Be aware that Fez is also a gastronomic destination par excellence, its cuisine is renowned throughout Morocco to be particularly refined and to master the festive dishes such as the famous pastilla to pigeons. The cuisine of Fez excels in the balance of the sweet-salted.

Travel fez style

Last but not least, the Festival of Sacred Music of the World is held there every year at the beginning of the summer. It is a unique meeting where musicians from all over the world gather for a great lesson in openness and tolerance in a mystical setting. All we love at BAHAAR!

So, interested in a stay in Fez?

For practical information:

Fez International Airport links it to several capitals and major European cities. Several flights are provided from Paris and other French cities.


Our hotel and riads addresses:

  • Riad Salam, Traditional Gun Riad
  • Riad Bed and breakfast, very nice and affordable
  • Faraj Palace, Genuine and luxurious hotel
  • Riad Fes-Relais & Châteaux, luxury and refinement guaranteed. Gastronomy famous and in bonus you will find the BAHAAR collections in the beautiful boutique of the riad!
Fez style travel

For those who prefer to stay in the new city:

-Jnan Palace Mariott: the hotel has recently been renovated
-Hotel Medina & Spa: ideally located between the medina and the new city
-Hotel Sahrai: superb infinity pool with panoramic view of the medina

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