Contractor Synopsis: Personal Letter of BAHAAR Originators

Dear community, today Bahaar is celebrating its 4 years already !!! We are very moved thinking about how far we have come!


These four years have been punctuated by so many wonderful moments but also difficult tests. Social networks often show only the watered-down side of people, brands and projects. Today we wanted to share with you both the good times and the hard blows!

Indeed, creating and developing a fashion brand, like any entrepreneurial project, is dotted with pitfalls:

  • Sometimes we imagine the product we think is perfect, but it turns out that the prototypes do not live up to the expectations and we have to repeat several times before we reach the expected result;
  • We sometimes experience delays in the delivery of our extended collections while the season is already started!
  • Etc. ..

However, we never lowered our arms, convinced by the mission we gave ourselves: Make Bahaar a fashion brand that distinguishes itself by its positioning resortwear, inspired by our rich Mediterranean craftsmanship.
Drawn in France and produced responsibly in our native country, Morocco, our creations are a real cultural bridge between our two countries.


This perseverance is also allowed by wonderful moments and emotions, of which you are all actors:

  • The excitement of the collection launches, 10 to our asset today!
  • The surprise of orders from 26 countries around the world!
  • The immense pride of seeing you wear our clothes and seeing you radiant in it
  • The joy of having ambassadors who inspire us so much in impeccable style to bring our creations!
  • Solidarity with our teams and suppliers that advance the project every day
  • The happiness of sharing this family adventure: beyond the duo of sisters Sofya and Soumaya, other family members are behind the daily scenes to support us and give us their unconditional support
  • And especially gratitude to you, dear community, for encouraging us from the beginning to make this brand live and to make it grow together!

So a huge thank you to you and happy birthday to Bahaar!

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