Fashion Carnet: Kaftan

Carnet d' inspiration mode: Le Kaftan

Bahaar is inspired by the vast culture of the Mediterranean.

Artisanat, sewing, and architecture are the pillars on which the brand is based to create its parts.

The Kaftan Beachwear: A Best-seller

If our kaftans for the beach are bestsellers, it is thanks to the beauty and authenticity of this iconic oriental garment from which we drew our inspiration.

Bahaar, for example, revisits the institution of coffee, which inspired great designers and designers from around the world, like the Parisian designer Yves Saint-Laurent.

BAHAAR in turn revisits the kaftan to make it a contemporary, comfortable and versatile room.

This approach also allows for the preservation of unique Aboriginal local expertise.

 We invite you to (re) discover with us a brief history of kaftan.

The History of the Kaftan  

The caftan appeared in the Antique pearse, then introduced at the end of the XIth century thanks to the heritage of Andalus.

Known for being a symbol of wealth, the kaftan was once worn by men, finally becoming a ceremonial dress that symbolizes the elegance of the Eastern woman.

Kaftan beachwear


From the Andalusian tradition, close to the mountains, the women make the kaftan in a thick and warm velvet. It has the particularity of having buttonholes on both sides, which makes it possible to highlight the waistcoat.

The Famous Kaftan of the City of Fez


An ancient and aristocratic city, the caftans fassi are carved in brocade, natural silk or pike or even velvet. Gold or silver thread embroidery adorned the neck, sleeves and shoulders.

The Kaftan embroidered with golden threads



The Kaftan adopted by Hollywood

Today, the caftan is regularly worn by Hollywood celebrities, on holiday or on red carpet for boho looks that make their way!

Like here, the trend adopted by the majestic Olsen sisters in their silk caftans:


Kaftan stars Hollywood stars

Treat yourself to a BAHAAR kaftan which is a real "statement" room in the locker room:

 Source: The Moorish times

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