Testimony of our founders, Soumaya and Sofya, on the occasion of Women's Day-March 8

Our commitment to women entrepreneurs in fashion

 We are Sofya and Soumaya, two sisters passionate about fashion and digital creation.

Our History

We started in entrepreneurship in 2019 with BAHAAR, www.bahaarofficial.com, an online feminine fashion brand inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle and committed to ecological and social responsibility.

The BAHAAR team

 Sofya (left) and Soumaya (right), during a shooting for a BAHAAR campaign

With the energy of our youth, and dreams full of our heads, we first never asked ourselves the question of our gender. For us, what is more natural than women entering women's fashion?It seemed obvious to us that it is women who best understand the needs and expectations of other women, after all.

In reality, undertaking for a woman, including in fashion, is unfortunately not so obvious.

Founder BAHAAR

 Sofya on the BAHAAR stand at the fashion show Who's Next Paris in January 2023


After almost 4 years of entrepreneurshipT, we are now measuring the difficulties for women to undertake.

On the occasion of 8 March, International Women's Rights Day, we wanted and needed to share with you our most sincere and sincere testimony on the difficulties encountered during this journey:


The BAHAAR team

Soumaya (left) and Sofya (right) at our last SS23 shooting in the South of France.

Soumaya, co-founder and CEO of Bahaar:

" This is a pitched path to be taken seriously, as young women, in a world of business dominated by men.Whether within the administration, the banks or with our suppliers, I have sometimes experienced a lack of serious gender awareness,Which echoes and reinforces the syndrome of the impostor suffered by many women. ButWith perseverance and tenacity, the barriers end up sooner or later.
In addition, having had two children during this course, I realized the immense difficulty of reconciling motherhood and entrepreneurship. There is no system that provides resources, financial, human, to young mothers who are undertaking. In this context of absence of conventional maternity leave, society makes us feel guilty by accusing us of abandoning our newborns to work ...The double penalty is brutal.
In this context, I think that we must seek the strength of the substance of not giving in to theWhat is to be said And count on the support of the closest. My husband, my sisters, my best friends, played a key role.
 This experience has taught me so much about me and has taught me to grow, professionally and humanely, which I recommend to all women who have a dream and an ambition in them..


 Sofya, Co-founder and Artistic Director of BAHAAR:


 " For a young woman the desire to devote himself fully to her passion and her career is unfortunately not always understood and valued by society.
 I have often had the impression of being misunderstood or even judged by society, including by my entourage, because I have long privileged my work, as a fashion blogger, then creative of BAHAAR with respect to the romantic encounters and the desire to found a family. I do not think that a man of my age would have been criticised for making the necessary career choices ...
This event allowed me to meet many inspiring women, in a similar situation and who gave me a lot of hope.
I hope in my turn to give to those who have a desire to create and share."

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