A History of Family

Bahaar is a family history that germinated during a weekend between sisters. While this day we are baling at the beach, it suddenly started to rain.

We were then taken from a large Nostalgia for warmthMediterranean In which we grew up. The sun, the warm colours, the musicality of the Mediterranean accents were missing.

The idea then came to create a chic bohemian brand Mixing our Parisian and Mediterranean inspirations!

Parisian fashion brand bohemian


Natural materials and neutral tones: The signature BAHAAR

We wanted to create a bohemian cloakroom, chic and versatile. Our rooms can be in town as well as in the sea.

Our ready-to-wear line is distinguished by natural materials and colours, evoking the well-being felt during the days and the fullness of the evenings on the sea. Our creations include a Touch boheme, mixing Parisian inspirations and travel around the Mediterranean.


Parisian fashion brand bohemian chic

Mediterranean inspiration is also found in the Beachwear line.

Indeed, BAHAAR, Which means the sea In multiple languages, Also offers a beachwear line composed of beach dresses, kimonos, beach kaftans ...

Responsible manufacturing in line with our values

Designated with love in Paris, our collections are then manufactured Conscientiously in respectful family workshops Working conditions and environmental impact. Natural materials, upcycling, limited editions,Precommands to limit overstorageBAHAAR limits the ecological borrowing of its collections.

Responsible local manufacturing


One Ultra Connected Creator

Sofya Benzakour, Co-founded the brand BAHAAR with his sister Soumaya. Creative Director of Bahaar, It is also a fashion designer. As an architect of training, she soon became fascinated by fashion and lived in Paris. His inspirations combine Parisian fashion and Mediterranean lifestyle.

She shares her looks on a daily basis, projects, travels and her heartbeat On its social networks where it is followed by a community of 160k people on its Instagram @sofyabenzakouraccount.

Parisian fashion brand bohemian chic