Since the first steps of Bahaar, we have had faithful ambassadors: solar, authentic and elegant, they embody the woman Bahaar with perfection.

We are proud to accompany them in their travels around the world and for their best opportunities.

Thank you for inspiring us every day on social networks as in real life. #bahaarfamily

 Junny Breeze in Sofya dress

Junny Breeze Bahaar Dress


 Iris mittanaere in nora dress

Iris mittanaere dress bahaar


Mara Lafontan in Athena dress

Mara Lafontan Dress Bahaar


 Flora Coquerel in Iris dress

Flora Coquerel Dress Bahaar



Meryl Denis in Iris dress

Meryl Denis Dress Bahaar


Jodie La Petite Frenchie in Daphne dress

Jodie La Petite Frenchie Dress Bahaar


Sonia Rolland in Sofya dress

Sonia Rolland Dress Bahaar


Wendy Swann in Sofya dress

Wendy Swann